Infants & Toddlers Centre - Masterton

Yrs 0-3


The primary care giving system allows teachers to know children well.  Teachers use observations to formally document the children’s strengths, interests and dispositions. Experiences are planned that are responsive and further develop children’s skills and interests.  For example:

  • teachers use a variety of teaching strategies 
  • equipment & resources support children to explore and investigate at their own pace and
  • allow children to develop working theories and revisit them
  • trips within the community offer experiences within the wider world
  • communication with parents supports and extends children’s learning (a combined approach)

ERO – Education Review Office

ERO visited the centre in 2017 and found infants and toddlers benefit from warm relationships with teachers who are sensitive to their cues.  They work alongside children, supporting their developing interests and independence.  Teachers liaise closely with whanau to align activities and care routines to those children experience at home.  Children are offered a rich play-based programme that includes a range of active exploration opportunities.  Children's transitions into and out of the centre are well considered, parents and children are well supported at these times.  Te reo me nga tikanga Maori are clearly evident in the environment and interactions.  Children with diverse needs are well supported.  Internal evaluations are collaborative and result in improvements for the benefit of children.

A full copy of the report can be found at