Early Learning Centre - Palmerston North

Yrs 0-5


The centre programme supports children to learn through self-motivated discovery, active exploration, investigating, thinking, and communicating.  The mixed age group allows for infants and toddlers to learn alongside their older peers promoting tuakana teina relationships. 

The primary caregiving system allows for teachers to know children and whānau well and work in partnership to develop individual and group experiences to promote quality care and meaningful educational experiences for all.  Each child’s development and learning is documented in their individual portfolios.

ERO - Education Review Office

The Education review office visited in 2022.

Infants, toddlers, and young children engage in meaningful and positive relationships with teachers. They engage in a range of experiences and opportunities to enhance and extend their learning and development.

Children experience a curriculum that is informed by assessment, planning and evaluation. Teachers demonstrate an understanding of the childrens interests, whānau and life contexts.

Childrens preferences are respected and they are involved in decisions about their learning experiences as confident, competent learners.

A full copy of the report can be found at,     www.ero.govt.nz