Educare Centre - Masterton

Yrs 3-5


The centres programme is developed in consultation with parents and children and is strongly based on children’s individual needs and interests.  Teachers use observations to document children’s interests, strengths and learning which are shared with parents and whānau.

Throughout the day children can choose from a range of learning experiences in a carefully prepared environment.  Teachers and children interact in responsive reciprocal ways to support learning experiences that are meaningful to all.  Teachers effectively use a range of teaching practices that encourage children to develop working theories.

Transition to school is supported through ongoing relationships with local primary schools.

ERO – Education Review Office

The Education Review Office visited in 2022 and found the centre is well placed to promote positive learning outcomes for children.  Teachers provide a responsive, respectful play-based curriculum consistent with Te Whariki, the early childhood curriculum. Children are well supported to be confident and curious.

Teachers see them as capable learners. These approaches help children to build a strong sense of belonging while at the centre.

Children are empowered to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and wellbeing. A wide range of learning activities and well-resourced environments foster their decision making, creativity, independance, and sustained play.

Teachers deliberately encourage social competence, literacy, and numeracy learning.

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